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Honey often does thing others regard as brave or even fearless, which is not entirely untrue. Honey has no real concept of what pain, loss and death are and therefore doesn’t realize there’s anything she should fear.

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He followed her row after row, and for a moment, Pete was sure that he’d lost track of where he actually was, and that he’d have no idea how to get back to Artie’s office. But hey, Honey would probably lead him back, right? Of course she would. Then he smelled something sweet, like strawberries, and his mouth dropped open as he saw the Warehouse’s garden for the first time. “Whoa,” he murmured, brushing a hand slightly against the wooden bench. He sniffed the air. Apples. Definitely apples, not strawberries. “This — ” Pete laughed. “This is amazing.” 

"This is my favourite place." She told him, stepping onto the grass with her bare feet and grinning. She did a cartwheel, not seeming to be bothered that it caused her long, flowing skirt to slip up past her knees before settling back around her ankles as she landed. Being previously a building, she hadn’t been subjected to many of the social and body image stigmas that most women physically her age had to deal with. She flopped down on the bench, pointing to a tree near the center front of the orchard, "There’s a little tree house up there."

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